Well, apart from an extra set of hands and an unbroken 8 hours sleep the nest best thing is something that is beautiful and practical. Silver rattles? sounds lovely but in reality it is not going to be used and it is the gifts that are most used that become the most treasured, by both baby and parents. 

Striking the balance between essential, beautiful, quality and fun isn't easy and so I have rounded up the best selection of gifts from our site which I think make the best newborn baby gift.


1) The Bath Swan

This beautifully boxed gift ticks all the boxes; by far the most elegant and beautiful toy for a newborn. It is handmade in Denmark and is made from natural rubber and is both eco friendly and sustainable. It makes a great toy but is designed for the bath but looks just nestled on a nursery shelf to. 

Natruba Bath Swan

2) Raa Raa Gift Set

This great bundle includes an Organic Muslin baby comforter which will surely become a firm favorite as the baby grows. It also includes and FSC certified Beech wood teething ring and Rattle, all delivered in a sweet pouch, ideal for keeping the items close and clean whilst out and about. 

Raa Raa Gift Set

3) Bee Tumbler

One of my favorite toys on our site, this beautiful Bee Tumbler from Fabelab rolls and jiggles before correcting himself upright, filled with the sweets chiming sounds it is perfect for a baby to play with and will see them through from tummy time to crawling and beyond. Covered in Organic cotton and featuring different textures it is a practical and stimulating sensory toy. 

Bee Tumbler

4) Crown Car

Wooden toys are always a winner when it comes to gift, especially ones made by hand and that is why I love the Raduga Grez Crown Car. Fit for a little king or queen the quality form this range of toys is outstanding and each one is clearly made with love and care. A well kept wooden toy like this becomes a firm favorite and will be rolling across corridors and kitchens for years to come. 

Raduga Grez Crown Car

What is the most treasured gift your newborn was gifted? we would love to know.


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