Baby Teething Toys - Silicone, Wood and Rubber Teething Toys

We have sourced a wonderful collection of baby teethers in a range of materials designed to offer comfort and relief to your little one. From natural rubber teethers, to wood and silicone teether toys we have carefully curated a beautiful range for your baby to sink their teeth into.

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FAQ About Our Teether Range

What is the best material for a baby teether?

This largely comes down to your own preference. The most popular materials are silicone, wood or rubber and we sell all three types.

Silicone is an incredibly durable material that is made when sand quartz are heated to extreme tempratures. It is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic teethers.

Wooded teethers remain the most 'natural' type of teether as they remain as close to their original material as possible. Durable and safe for babies from birth.

Rubber teethers are another natural and eco friendly option. They provide a pilow like texture that provides comfort and satisfaction to teething babies.

What age can I introduce a teether?

Most of our teething range is suitable from birth but are ideal from around 3 months old when your baby may start teething and being more aware of thing to touch and feel.

Are silicone teethers safe?

Yes, all of our silicone teethers are made from medical grade silicone and are safe for chewing.

How do I clean a teether toy?

We advise refering to manufactureres instructions but generally;

Silicone teethers can be steralised.

Wooden teethers should be wiped and cleaned with warm water and left to air dry.

Rubber teethers can also be wiped or washed down before air drying.

Can I steralise a silicone teether

Yes, silicone is safe for steralising.