Charnwood's Child Mushroom Picker

Product of the month - Mushroom Picker

This month we're shining a spotlight on one of our current favourite toys, the Montessori Mushroom Picker!

This colorful toy is made up of a solid wood log with different shaped holes carved out, and a set of different sized mushrooms which fit snugly inside. The toy has been designed not only to entertain but to work on some key development areas in toddlers. 

Fine Motor Skills - the act of handling and placing the mushrooms in the right holes requires them to use their fingers and wrist in precise movements. This is a key skill to develop as they grow. 

Hand Eye Coordination - In order to place the mushrooms in the holes they will need to use their visual systems to process and then pass on the information to control their hand movements.

Colour/Shape Recognition - Each mushroom differs from the one before encouraging a number of ways for your child to categorise and describe them. Not only are their lots of colours some are different shades of the same so they can understand 'lighter' and darker' as well as 'taller' or 'shorter'.

Problem Solving - Your child will need to understand why some mushrooms do not fit in some holes and work out how to find the correct hole for each one, this is a key skill which helps build their confidence in their own abilities. 

Overall this toy offers a range of hidden benefits which will work hard to secretly deliver educational and physical benefits whilst your child plays.

We would love to hear if you have purchased one and whether your child enjoys playing with it.


Charnwood's Child Mushroom Picker
Charnwood's Child Mushroom Picker

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