What are Montessori toys?

What are Montessori toys?

You may have heard the term 'Montessori' in relation to babies, toddler and children's education and development and wandered what it means or what benefits it may or may not have for your child.

The Montessori style of education puts a focus back on the natural development and curiosity of the child as they grown and understand the world around them. There is an aim of guiding children to independent exploration of their environment through the use of engaging toys and activities. Often these toys have hidden developmental skills such as fine motor, gross motor, creating order and understanding categorisation as well as cause and effect. 

Montessori toys are often simple, natural (wood based), engaging, creative and designed to encourage exploration and implementation beyond the time they have played with them. By ensuring the child's area of play is a calming and engaging and provides a number of simple engaging activities that they can learn to master in their own time then you have implemented (whether knowing it or not) some of the principles of this style of play and development.


Montessori Toys we stock;

Nesting Matryoshka Acorns are a beautifully hand crafted set of natural wood acorns.

- construction / stacking
- they can be used as sorting bowls
- they can be sorted in size to understand small, big, bigger etc.
- Perfect for adding into independent creative play.

The Weather Station encompasses elements of practical life and real world understanding as well as cause and effect regarding our environment.

- Encourages communication about our environment.
- Understand the real world elements of the weather by matching what they can feel and see to the station.
- Play independently to create imaginative situations.

Abstract Art Puzzle - A gorgeous natural wood and muted colour palette tick many of the Montessori boxes.

- Open ended meaning it can be used again and again with the child leading play wherever they want to take it.
- They can build, create, sort and create images and shapes using their imagination.
- Develops key skills such as fine motor and hand eye coordination.

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