Cuboro - Swiss Made Ball Runs

CUBORO, the Swiss marble run system, has been fascinating generations since 1986. CUBORO stands for sustainable wooden quality toys, lifelong fun and timeless design. CUBORO inspires people worldwide to grow through play. We're proud to stock Cuboro here in the U.K.
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1. Infinite creativity

Awaken your joy of experimenting! The marble run system consists of over 100 different CUBORO elements with various functions. There are no limits to your creativity: Through creative combinations and logical planning, you can create an infinite number of marble runs.

2. Learning through play

With CUBORO learning becomes a game. Train your logical thinking and strengthen your spatial imagination by combining the various elements with multiple functions. You will discover endless combinations of visible and invisible marble tracks. The natural wooden elements awaken your attention and promote your fine motor skills and concentration.

3. Swiss Made

From the wooden cube, down to packaging, everything is designed and manufactured in Switzerland. For the CUBORO elements, we use natural beech wood from sustainably managed Swiss forests. This way we guarantee the highest quality and safety.

4. Lifelong fun

CUBORO challenges children and adults according to their abilities. From simple building on the surface to the combination of complex tunnel systems: The large variety of CUBORO sets guarantees unlimited fun for every age. All CUBORO sets can be combined and complement each other. You begin your CUBORO adventure with the Starter Sets. The Extra Sets offer further exciting elements for faster, higher, and trickier tracks.

5. Timeless design

You will be inspired by the timeless design, the high quality wooden elements, and the plain packaging. CUBORO lasts a lifetime and will engage and challenge for generations to come.