Bumbu Toys

Bumbu Toys specialise in hand crafted wooded figures and nature based accessories. Their Willow Tree is an all time favourite and the individual characteristics of the animals makes them truly special toys.
Beautiful Small World Play

Why are Bumbu toys so special?

Bumbu toys are a Romanian brand who specialises in hand carved beautiful animal and nature figurines from wood. Each one is hand-painted to perfection and we have fallen in love with the range of adorable and mischievous animals.

free their imagination

What is small world play?

Small-world play is an imaginative way of playing, it is when children create a world of their own using figures, animals or other loose parts; it allows them to mimic and act out scenarios from their imagination or which they have experienced.

The benefits of small world play are well researched and include fine motor and spacial awareness skills as well as linguistic and social skills as well as helping to develop and express empathy and understanding.

Small world play is a great way for children to express themselves in an abstract setting which may them more comfortable instead of directly talking about their experience.

Raduga Grez Reviews


I have wanted the river for a while now and hesitated as we have a lot of wooden toys already but this piece has created a whole new environment for my child to play with…forests, babbling brook (we bought the waterfall too) and even our lions and hippos are getting a look in. I was pleasantly surprised that the green banks are attached as there’s less chance of pieces getting lost. Really happy with my purchase, thank you!


What a stunning piece! Bumbu continue to amaze me with the colour and detail of their pieces. Thank you for stocking this great brand.


Absolutely in love with this willow tree. It is so beautifully made and is a pleasure to look at. I can't wait to create small world scenes for my little ones with it. Seller was also amazing, kept in contact with me to let me know about stock and got it sent out quickly. Will definitely be buying from here again!

FAQ About Bumbu Small World Toys

Are you a U.K Bumbu stockist?

Yes, all of our Bumbu small world toys are sent from here in the U.K. We either sell items that are ready to dispatch straight away or we clearly state if they are a Bumbu pre-order

Are Bumbu toys made ethically?

Yes, Bumbu are a small independent comapny that employ local and skilled craftspeople. The love of the natural wood material is so obviousl in the finished product and great care is taken to ensure as little damage as possible is done to the environment.

Are Bumbu wooden toys good quality?

The skill and craftsmanship that go into each Bumbu figue is so obvious once you get a chance to hold them. Each one is hand made and hand painted.

Where are Bumbu based?

Bumbu toys are based in Romania.