Open Ended Play Toys

We have brought together our favourite range of open-ended toys for 1 year olds +, they are perfect for giving your toddler the means to explore play at their own pace and with their own imagination guiding the way. Our range also carefully considers open ended toys for 2 year olds and upwards to :)

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Let imagination lead the way

What Is Open Ended Play?

Open ended play simply means that their is no end goal, no set of instructions or specific way to play. It is child led and is based on them using and interpreting the materials around them to create thir play.

There are many exmaples of open ended play, whether it be play with figures and characters, a set of building blocks, a dressing up box, den building, or messy play with sensory materials. Children can natural take their play whever their imagination takes them without the constraints of rules and limits.

inspire confidence and independence

What Are The Benefits Of Open Ended Play?

Open-ended play encourages children to trust and use their imagination, it allows their creativity to flourish. Open-ended play can also help build a child's language skills as they work to describe and verbalise their thought process around a game or scenario.

Open-ended play can be a great way for a group of children to build social skills as they navigate free playing amongst themselves. One child might have one idea but have to negotiate how their story develops with the other children who also have ideas.

Open Ended Toys Reviews


Great quality

I am really impressed with the quality of the tiles. I really regret not buying the tiles earlier (my kids are 3 and almost 6). I like the fact that you can expand the collection


Beautiful Open-Ended Toy

Purchased these for my daughters third birthday who has been using anything and everything as stepping stones around the house. She’s absolutely thrilled! Beautiful colours, lightweight for her to carry and stack independently. She’s used them as stepping stones, a house for maileg mice, a container to fill, a seat, a step up, for colour recognition and she’s only had them a few days. Looking forward to seeing where else her imagination takes her with these!


Beyond beautiful!

Absolutely in love with this willow tree. It is so beautifully made and is a pleasure to look at. I can't wait to create small world scenes for my little ones with it. Seller was also amazing, kept in contact with me to let me know about stock and got it sent out quickly. Will definitely be buying from here again!

FAQ About Open Ended Play

What Age Is Open Ended Play Suitabel For

As soon as your child is exploring objects and materials they are capable of guiding their play.

What Are The Best Open Ended Toys?

The best open-ended toy varies depending on the child and their interest. I believe a good set of blocks is crucial for your childs play room but some children may find figures or dolls suit them best.

Should My Child Be Able To Play Indepedently?

Many children take time building up to playing independently on their own. I always advice joining in and helping set up their play set-ups before backing off and allowing them to explore by themselves....independent play can take time.

Do you stock Open Ended Play Toys?

Yes, our selection of open ended play toys can be found here.