Stapelstein - UK Stockist

Stapelstein stepping stones and balance boards are available from the U.K stockist Charnwood's Child right here. The Stapelstein range promotes movement, creativity and play; made from an innovative lightweight foam that is durable and safe for children to play with.
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Welcome Stapelstein

We're delighted to be a Stapelstein U.K stockist, we love the innovative and practical resource that encourages your child to move, play, create and mostly be free to experiment and push their imagination!

The Stapelstein stepping stones and wobble boards are designed to fit into your home not just as a toy, but as a design lead and functional resource that encourages play, movement and connection. Whether you're making up games, practising your balance or testing your child's physical limits!

It is not often we see something that we just know we have to have in our home as well as our shop.

The Stapelstein Way

Freedom To Play

The single biggest benefit I have seen to my child's development and wellbeing has been by giving them the space to play how and when they want.

By moving away from restrictive closed end toys and giving her the freedom to explore play through her imagination using resources like the Stapelstein Stepping Stone Sets I have noticed a clear progression in her communication, imagination and contentment.

I love that the Stapelstein range fits so seamlessly into our home and works hard not just as a toy and educational resource but as part of our furniture!

Beautiful Open-Ended Toy

Purchased these for my daughters third birthday who has been using anything and everything as stepping stones around the house. She’s absolutely thrilled! Beautiful colours, lightweight for her to carry and stack independently. She’s used them as stepping stones, a house for maileg mice, a container to fill, a seat, a step up, for colour recognition and she’s only had them a few days. Looking forward to seeing where else her imagination takes her with these!

So versatile

Brought this for my two year old. Such a colourful and vibrant wobble balance board. She has used it so much already it’s a firm favourite. Not only does she use it as a wobble board she uses it for a seat, to play cars on, lays her dolls on it and even balances her bricks on it. Would highly recommend

Brilliant - worth the investment!

Absolutely brilliant, have already been used in so many different ways in our household. Including for gladiator style games between the adults which has been hilarious. Already planning to buy some more. Would definitely order from Charnwood’s Child again specifically as they have been so great at keeping me updated on when to expect the item to arrive (was ordered during big rounds of postal strikes). I could tell they were doing everything in their power to get this to me as soon as possible and it was really appreciated.

FAQ About Our Stapelstein Range

What is the Stapelstein range about?

Stapelstein are an innovative range of stepping stones and balance boards that are also so much more. A truly open-ended resource with so many uses not just in the home, but the garden to.

What age range are Stapelstein suitable for?

The whole family! Whether it's letting a baby feel the shifting sensation of being on a balance boardor as an yoga block, footrest or chair!

Where is the Stapelstein range made?

Stapelstein are engineered in Germany but we stock and dispatch them from inside the U.K

What are Stapelstein made from?

The Stapelstein range is made from an extremely durable but lightweight foam. They stepping stones and balance boards will withstand up to 180kg but are light enough to be handled by a toddler wihtout fear of them hurting them.