Autumn Incoming - Our favourite Autumn toys.

Autumn Incoming - Our favourite Autumn toys.

If you are like us, the Autumn colour palette is the most exciting one! rustic oranges, deep greens, rich browns and yellows, I feel cosy just thinking about it.
And, if you like your toy decor to be as pleasing as your home decor then you'll like to incorporate the seasonal change into your child's toy range to. We've rounded up our favourite selection of toys that are not only beautiful but really help bring that cosy feel into your home to.

Absolutely top of our list is the Raduga Grez Autumn Forest , this magical small world tree set it perfect for creating mystical worlds rich in colour and imagination. A firm favourite in our house.
Nothing quite says Autumn like a walk in the woods, collecting pine cones, conkers and spying the magical animals that call it home. We adore the Woodland Animal set and its another wonderful small world accessory that allows for open ended play alongside your existing set ups.
Finally we had to include the Abstract Art Building Set from Minmin Copenhagen. These chunky free form wooden pieces allow hours of open ended play that will encourage your child to create puzzles, art, bridges and secret worlds from their imagination. The colour scheme reminds me of my favourite type of Autumn day, bright blue skies, crisp leaves and red cheeks.

abstract art building set

We hope we have provided some inspiration for your toy shelf this season.


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