The ultimate guide to baby teethers

The ultimate guide to baby teethers

Teethers! like most baby paraphernalia the world of teethers did not exist to you before children and never did you think there would be quite so many options!

We have written this handy blog post to run you through the pro and cons of the different materials and styles available, we sell examples of all of these and they can be found on our baby teething toy page.

You may have spotted some of the signs your baby is, or about to start teething, this is generally accepted to begin around 6 months but there is a quite a variation among my friends and yours to I imagine. The signs we found linked to teething were an increase in temperature, red cheeks, playing with her ear and runnier nappies as well as obvious grumpiness, we usually found the symptoms vanished as soon as the tooth had cut through the gum. Sometimes we would have just one tooth and other time a flurry of two or three in a short space of time. Essentially there is no right or wrong way to teeth, some babies show very little effects, others suffer more.

So, once you spot your baby chowing down on anything and everything it's time to get some dedicated teethers for them to play with, the good news is the options are vast, here is our take on the materials currently available

Rubber Teethers - This is one of the most eco friendly options, the material is natural and free of toxins and chemicals like PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines and has a wonderful pillow like soft texture ideal for delicate sore gums. We stock Natruba teethers which are leaders in creating this type of teether ethically and sustainably, you can find the Natruba range here.

Wooden Teether - This type of teether offers a different texture altogether, a much firmer one but equally as satisfying. The goods news is our wooden teethers are from FSC Certified sources so you can buy confident that you are limiting your ecological impact, our favorite wooden teether set can be found here.

Silicone Teether - These are known for both their durability and ultimately hygiene as they can be sterilised, they are incredibly durable. Silicone is a safe material for babies to chew on and it can be moulded meaning a range of textures and sensations can be on surfaces which is a real essential when it comes to teething  We love the sweet design of our shell shaped teether, it makes a beautiful gift. 

Combination Teether - Mixing two materials is a great option to help increase the sensory experience and help to keep your little one busy; remember teethers are toys to and can help to occupy their little fingers as well as soothe sore gums. A common combination is wood and silicone and you can see our best selling multi textured teether here, the stand out feature of this teether is all of the bumps and textures. 

We hope you have found this guide useful. 

Natruba FLamingo Rubber TeetherWooden Teether SetShell Silicone TeetherCombination Wood and Silicone Teether


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