We absolutely adore this set of wooden Abstract Art Building Blocks from Minmin. 

So much more than your regular cubes, this set does away with convention, restrictive thinking and conformity, favoring the unique and unusual instead; ideals that so many of us try to instill into our children. The Abstract Art Blocks provide the perfect invitation to play for your child by hinting at the possibilities ahead, encouraging them to try one way, and then another. We get so enthusiastic about toys that offer both beautiful aesthetics and genuine excitement from children, there are far too many generic attempts at making toys that The Abstract Blocks so clearly stand out as a wonderful addition to any play space. 

Minmin design, hand craft, paint and assemble all of their beautiful toys from their workshop in Copenhagen, each one formed from European wood and finished to a beautifully high standard.

You can find out full Minmin range here and more form them direct on the Minmin homepage.

Minmin Abstract Art BlocksMinmin Abstract Art BlocksMinmin Abstract Art Blocks

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