Tableware Ideas for Baby Led Weaning

Tableware Ideas for Baby Led Weaning

So, your baby is coming up to six months old and looks like they are getting ready to start weaning. It's an exciting time, especially for a first born, it can also be really really overwhelming. More than ever we are being bombarded with the 'best way' to do things and 'the safest way' to do them and if you are feeling anxious try to take a step back and remember that you can trust your gut and use your knowledge about your baby to start the journey however you like. 

You may be set on Baby Led Weaning, purees might be where your starting or like me you may opt for a bit of a mix. I have designed out weaning range to offer high quality, safe products that will take you from the beginning of your journey right through to toddlerhood. 

The most basic way to start is with one one of our suction scoop bowls, these are excellent for allowing babies to dip their spoon in and eventually the scoop back will help assist them with loading their spoon. If you are starting with just finger foods you may not need a bowl to begin with but soon enough will want to offer a spoon for them to learn to manipulate and manoeuvre food from plate or bowl to mouth. We do sell a 'first' cutlery set that is made from FSC certified bamboo and features a super soft silicone tip, essential for delicate gums and first teeth, I often let our daughter play with cutlery like this away from the table to as we often 'fed' her teddies and other toys!

As you progress to more and more solid foods, or if you have always provided finger food on the high chair tray but are looking to introduce a plate then our Heart Weaning Set is the perfect set for you, available in 5 gorgeous colours and with a super strong suction base its practical and (here is the best bit) dishwasher, microwave and over safe. Hallelujah. This means baking and warming in the bowl which cuts down on other pots and pans. 

Eventually (and for those of you with older toddlers) you may find that you are ready to transition away from suction bottoms to help introduce more independence. We have designed a modern set of toddler tableware that includes a plate, bowl and cup, and we have focused on a modern design that looks at home in a grown up kitchen. Available in three muted colours and also dishwasher, microwave and over safe as well as super hygienic its  a great step up from the 'baby plates' my toddler started rejecting at 2.5! The silicone material still offers grip to most tables so it offer a perfect steeping stone to adult plates. 

We hope you have found this guide useful and if you have any questions about our range please drop us a comment. 


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