Product Focus - The Little Agenda, weekly planner.

Product Focus - The Little Agenda, weekly planner.

We're always looking to add toys & resources for children that help improve their confidence, sense of self and their position in our lives and the lives of their wider family. Understanding our toddlers and what makes them tick is such a rewarding part of parenting and I am always looking for products that strike a balance between creating communication, play and giving a child the tools to have control over their day.

When I was recommened The Little Agenda weekly planner by a customer (thank you Sharon) I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, and sure engough it was everything I had hoped.

Crafted from sustainable Rubberwood and with hidden magnets the board and tiles are both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing, because there is not shame in wanting beautiful things on display!

What I love most is the way it gives the child control and understanding about their week, which as we know is so important to toddlers. Including and preparing them for family life can help navigate those trickier days when they can be overwhelmed and out of sorts. Its a wonderful rescources for building trust and confidence and has been key in building communication within our home. 

It comes with 20 tiles and we will soon be stocking additional tile packs to include destinations, events, responsabilities and routine. 

We're delighted to have launched the item in the U.K and we know how much you will love it to. 

You can find The Little Agenda here.

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