Mushie - Baby Skincare

Mushie - Baby Skincare

As if looking after a newborn wasn't hard enough, having to think about how to best care and protect their skin might be enough to drive you to tears. Between complicated ingredients list and clever marketing how do you know what is safe to put on your babies delicate skin.


I have personally been trialling a number of the Mushie Skincare range on our daughter, and as the mum of a child with incredibly dry eczema prone skin, you can bet my standards are high. Having been let down repeatedly after choosing some of the biggest known brands in sensitive skin I had not only spent hundreds of pounds on useless moisturisers but I also felt let down and frustrated I was pretty sceptical about new products. 

 Firstly, the entire range has been independently tested by Asthma Allergy Nordic & Allergy Certified (EU) to ensure the formula and ingredients are as mild and gentle as possible as well as being more suited to people prone to allergies. On top of this the entire range is also certified Organic and has passed the rigorous standard of Nordic Swan Ecolabel meaning the product and packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible and the quality and safety is backed by this institute.

We began using the Mushie Baby Cream first and was really impressed with the texture, it sits between lotion and balm so it definitely packs a punch on the moisture but isn't as heavy as a balm or oil. I chose to use it on areas that my daughter gets particularly dry which would be her cheeks and back, I checked the skin an hour or two after I applied it at bedtime and could still feel the moisture in her skin. I used it several times a week an noticed less dryness and no obvious irritation.

I added in the Shampoo and Wash after trialling the cream as I felt it would not be worth the risk on an item that is traditionally irritating if the cream caused a reaction. I usually wash her hair only once or twice a week and previously some products have caused intense itching on her scalp, even when designed for eczema prone skin. Whilst I miss a fragrance in shampoo its absolutely the best thing for a baby wash to not have any, and so whilst the shampoo did not offer a spa like experience it washed her hair and no visible itching has happened despite using it for nearly 4 weeks. Which is absolutely a success in my book.

If you are the parent of a Eczema prone child and you are looking for good quality basic skincare that does exactly what it says it would then I would recommend this range wholeheartedly. 

Oh, and finally finding simple, beautiful packaging is an added bonus!

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