Raduga Grez - New Collection - Artist's Child - 2022

Raduga Grez - New Collection - Artist's Child - 2022

When Raduga Grez announced a new collection, you can bet we were excited! We have been long time fans of the brand and being able to stock them was definitely a proud moment during my first year of trading. 

When I first got o see the new Artist's Child collection I knew it would become my favourite. Raduga Grez specialise in beautiful toys that are rooted in the principle of open ended play and they do it very, very well. The way their products inspire children to play is something I have seen first hand and the bonus for me is that I get to keep beautiful, hand made wooden toys in my home. 

Here's some of my favourites;


City In A Box,

Hidden away in a simple case is a world of endless possibilities, this set allows your child to build a town exactly how they want; with soaring skyscrapers, roads, libraries. Or, they free style an unconventional abstract world! We love the added bonus of shapes, and colour gradients for educational purposes. 

Raduga Grez's top tip for this set? - Trace around the shapes on paper and create your own Abstract art piece; or play architect and design your own world from the ground up.

Moving People,
My favourite feature of this set is the joy of movement, I can see everyone of them mid-dance, surrounded by noise and laughter. The chunky wooden people work perfectly independently or can be added to an existing small world collection to liven things up a bit!

Raduga Grez's top tip? Switch on your favourite song and create a dance party.

Pallete Building Blocks;
The colour range, tone and depth on this set is incredible. Raduga Grez always take such great care with this part of their design and it truly shines on the Pallete set. I also love the versatility of the set and how well it can work to build, stack and to compliment other items from their collection and things you already have at home. 
Raduga Grez's top tip? Create names for all of the hues, who can create more names and which one is the best.

Do you own a Raduga Grez piece yet?

You can see the full range we stock here.

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