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Sustainable Toys & Christmas Gifts For Kids: 2022

If choosing sustainable gifts for Christmas 2022 feels a little overwhelming, stop worrying. It's easier than ever to make the most conscious choices about the way we shop, the brands we buy from and our environmental impact. We've dedicated today's blog post to all things sustainable when buying children's toys this Christmas.

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What Are Sustainable Children's Toys?

Sustainable toys can mean different things to different people. Fundamentally the toy should be made, transported, packaged and delivered with as minimal impact on the earth as possible. This can be achieved by shopping with smaller independent brands that can have far more control over the sourcing of their material, are often hand-made with minimal waste and also by shopping close to home.

Often this type of purchasing supports artisan craftmanship as opposed to mass production which is one of the biggest ticks to stepping away from toys that damage our environment as opposed to ones that help sustain it.

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Why Choose Sustainable Presents For Christmas?

Taking the time to consider sustainable toys first can benefit parents as well as the child it's for to! By thinking more carefully before we buy about how the toy will fit into our homes and how long it is going to be used. It is durable enough that is likely to be used by several siblings and then be able to be passed on? Can it hold its value to be resold extending its lifetime further? Is it designed to be played with in multiple ways such as blocks or is it more limiting like a jigsaw for example?

And when it comes to Christmas do not be afraid to tell people or indeed ask them what it is the child being bought for needs. You can and should be directing people about what it is your child needs, it isn't rude to give or receive pointers when gift buying!


Why Sustainable Gifts For Christmas Are The Way Forward

As we as consumers become increasingly invested in where and how we spend our money it is no surprise that we are demanding ever more of the places that we buy them from. For me, it is now more important than ever that I try and buy from independent brands, which can often mean buying direct or finding a toy store that stocks several different brands so I can make a single larger purchase than shopping at different sites.

Below are my top tips on how and why to shop sustainably this Christmas


✓ Help to minimise the impact of our purchasing on the environment.
✓ Invest in better quality, often hand-made toys.
✓ Support independent brands.
✓ Think more carefully about where we spend our money, and how that benefits individuals/the earth.


✓ Find brands that tell you loud and proud about their eco credentials.
✓ Think about how a new toy is going to be played with, can you buy one that has a naturally longer lifespan/ability to be played with differently (such as open-ended toys).
✓ Ask or tell people what (if any) toys are going to suit the home/child they will end up in.
✓ Buy second-hand - many of the toys we have bought for our child's first few Christmases have been second hand. Have a conversation with friends about if this is something they are open to or even discuss swapping existing toys for Christmas - not only does this extend the life of existing toys it saves money too.

There are so many little ways we can shop more sustainably this Christmas, and I hope this blog has given you some ideas about some small changes you can make :)

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Did you know that most Christmas wrapping cannot be recycled? So, how can we balance our desire to support independent brands, wrap our presents beautifully and keep our conscious clean about our environmental impact?

Shop with Fig & Joy is how! We love their eco-friendly approach to wrapping as well as the prints & colour schemes created by Catherine. Everything is made with recycled/recyclable materials and the modern approach to print design means the prints transition throughout seasons beautifully.

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