The Best Baby Shower Gifts For 2023

Our Favourite Selection Of Gorgeous Baby Shower Gifts

You won't find a nappy hamper in our selection! our ethos has always been about fining the finest designed baby toys and essentials for baby and beyond. Every single toy we stock is one we have tested and loved and which we know will become a much loved gift and keepsake as baby grows.

Practical vs Beautiful?

Why you don't need to compromise when choosing a baby shower gift.

Choosing a gift for soon to be parents can feel a little tricky, you might have just the thing, something that someone bought you that you ended up not being able to live without in those early newborn days (hello giant muslins) but you might also be clueless!

I always think baby shower gifts should be a combination of something useful and beautiful, a baby shower feels like a great way to hand over something that will can be loved and used again and again.

My baby shower gift blog guarantees to highlight my favourite selection of not only beautiful but also practical gifts for the new arrival.

Quality Counts

Our baby shower gifts are stocked from some of the finest international crafters of toys and gifts.

Our mission has always been to bring together some of our favouriet baby brands so we can showcase some fo the most beautiful, well designed and usefull toys and accessories from small independent brands.

Having soent over ten years in international trade I know that there is always a brand waiting to be found, whose founders are as passionate about design as we are. By creating a site that aims to bring together the best baby and children lifestyle brands I am able to confidently showcase our favourite essentials for those early months.

Every item we sell, and especially the ones we recommend time and time again are done so because we love the look, feel, function and quality of them, you can shop knowing our priorities lie in the safety and quality of each item first....closely followed by their beauty.

Our top picks for baby shower gifts 2023

Organic Knitted Teddy

When we first saw (and felt) the beautiful range of hand knitted teddys from Main Suavage we knew they had a place in our store.

Made from the softest Alpaca wool the teddys are full of character and charm, we're never not recommending them for customers shopping for baby shower gifts.

Hand Printed Muslin Swaddles

Try explaining muslins to non parents and you'll be met with blank faces and a shrug of the shoulders...but a few weeks after birth? they'll be wandering what they ever did without them.

The practicality of them alone means they always make it into my list of baby shower gifts but our extra special selection includes some of the best quality, hand printed ones around.

A favourite brand of ours is Little Beacon and the gorgeous prints of Konges Slojd are always popular to.

Activity Pram Chain

A beautiful toy and developmental tool, this Scandi designed wooden activity toy and pram chain is perfect for clipping across your pushchair, activity mat or above a cot. Full of different textures and colours the wooden pram chain will keep your little ones eyes and fingers busy.

We think this makes a great practical gift for a baby shower that offers entertainment for babies whilst still looking beautiful.

Natural Rubber Rattles

The Natruba daisy rattle is easy to grip for small hands and features a textured surface for a sensory experience. The soft natural rubber easily satisfies all stages of sore gums. Featuring a bell in the bottom, it even stimulates the sense of hearing. Comforting teething and sensory heaven - all in one!

This sweet rattle comes in a beautiful branded box and is perfect as a baby shower gift.

Miffy x Little Dutch

Say hello to the adorable new Little Dutch x Miffy range! Two wonderful brand s have collaborated to create a range of rattles, music toys, comforters and teddys that all make perfect newborn gifts for a baby shower.

The range also includes a gift boxed collection of their best sellers.

Beautiful Basics

Quincy Mae's specialise in simple, timeless, high quality clothing for newborns upwards. Their neutral, muted palette is perfect for parents that love a simple, paired back style and their use of organic cotton ensures only the best materials are against babies skin.

We think their outfits are perfect as a baby shower gift.

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