New Brand : Stapelstein

When we first saw the Stapelstein range we knew it had a place in our home and our shop. At the heart of what we do is finding products that encourage play, imagination, freedom and connection; and Stapelstein fit this brief perfectly.

What are stapelstein?


The lightweight EVA foam resource from Stapelstein are hard to pin down as being something specific, their magic is in their versatility. Whether it's their classic stepping stone or their balance board there are so many ways to use them that giving them a strict definition is pointless.

What we can promise you is that it'll be one of the hardest working toys you introduce to your home, they can be used by young and old alike and it just takes a spark of imagination to begin.

HOW DO YOU USE stapelstein?


This one is up to you, or more likely, your child. They are both stepping stones and sorting bowls, a means to test your balance with increasing levels of difficulty.

They are for babies to touch, roll, push and play peek-a-boo; and for toddlers to take around the garden collecting treasure.

The stacking nature of them means that despite the unlimited number of ways to play they can still look good in your home, whether that's to keep a book on at the end of the day, or as the perfect foot rest.

Why choose stapelstein?


We think the main reason for choosing to introduce Stapelstein to your home is because of versatility and functionality coupled with some classic German design and engineering make it a brilliant play resource that represents true value.

With almost all members of the family being able to get some use of it at some point, we think it's a no-brainer!

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