The Best Toys For 1 Year Olds

Our Favourite Toys Right Now

One of the things I struggled with as my rolling, army crawling chunk of a baby turned into a walking, squealing toddler was how to move their toy range on with them. Whilst safe toys for babies are fairly straightforward with a focus on rattles, shakers and teethers we were still wayyyyy off the 3+ age certification that comes with more complex toys with come smaller parts. 'What are the best toys for 1 year olds?' also seems to be a question that has stumped a lot of you to as I frequently get asked for advice around this transitional age. Time goes so fast, and turning one is a magic milestone for parents to witness. Knowing how we can support their development through play can be just as rewarding for us to, so I have compiled a list of some of the best types of toys for 1 years right here and many of these remained part of our play routine for many many months before being passed on.

Wooden Toys For 1 Year Olds

Wooden toys continue to be a firm favourite amongst parents, the natural wood feel and lack of batteries seems to be the big positives. We love that wooden toys allow children to get a better feel for a natural material and the Raduga Grez block set is a perfect choice for this; the bright colour tones make it perfect for modern, fun homes. We also love the Grapat treasures set which is full of elements designed to engage your child and spark their curiosity and intrigue.

Baby Walkers

Baby Walkers & Activity Toys

For the 1 year old who is finding their feet and becoming more inquisitive about how things work the Little Dutch Walker is a great choice; the walker features tons of activities to keep little fingers and minds busy, its a perfect choice for a 1st birthday gift! But if you are looking to combine storage and a walker then the Retro Camper Van Walker from Little Dutch is a perfect gender neutral option for a little one.

The Best Active & Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Olds

Our favourite toys are the ones that can be moved from indoors to outdoors (whatever the weather) to help encourage play and movement. The Stapelstein range is perfect for a busy child who loves to build, climb and explore. The material is incredibly light and tough and can get wet without getting damaged. Their new 'Inside' set is perfect for smaller hands and is a great way to encourage climbing and balancing in early walkers and babies 1st birthday.

Educational Toys For 1 Year Olds

Whilst there is zero reason to be 'educating' a one year old (it all comes through play!) there is no reason you can't use resources to help them understand their world and their feelings more. We love the Mushie shape sorter as its both durable and attractive, no glaring bright colours here! but also helps babies begin to recognise shapes and start problem solving. I regularly recommend this toy as a 1st birthday gift.

Balancing & Stacking Toys For 1 Year Olds

Stacking and balancing can become a much focused on activity around this age, so finding toys that supports your 1 year olds natural way to play can also buy you 5 minutes to gulp that tea down! The Little Dutch Pyramid Stacker is a great toy for a one year old because as well as being a stacking toy it can also be used for counting and recognising and talking about shades and variations of colour.

Our top toys for a 1st Birthday

Stapelstein 'Inside'

The new Stapelstein Rainbow Classic 'Inside' set is the latest edition to the brand's innovative toy, the nesting set allows for hours of creative, educational and physical play within your home or garden. The lightweight but incredibly tough material makes them a safe and easy-to-use resource for children to move and build themselves all whilst looking beautiful in your home.

Retro Camper Walker

And off you go! The Little Dutch Vintage walker wagon is the perfect gift for a confident cruiser or 1st birthday. Step by step you learn how to walk, and this push wagon will help you get there. So start your engine and imagine being the driver of this super cool van.

Little Goose Stacker

Let your child stack the wooden rings from big to small on the pyramid and top it off with Little Goose! It’s quite a challenge, because the pyramid rocks back and forth. Fun to practice together and it promotes hand-eye coordination.

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