10 Sustainable Stocking Fillers & Ethical Gifts Under £20 For Christmas 2022

Sustainable stocking fillers and ethical gifts on a budget are high on people's Christmas checklist, we want to gift, but we don't want to add to the single-use plastic crisis and we definitely want to avoid packaging and poorly made toys heading to landfill by January 1st! So I have worked through my most loved brands and chosen some favourite well-designed, sustainable toys that are perfect for stocking fillers or as gifts under £20.

a conscious choice

What Are Sustainable Toys?

When looking out for ethical and sustainable toys I think some simple features will give you a good understanding of whether it is made ethically and sustainably.
- They tell you about it! if a brand has taken the time and care to reduce its impact on the environment you can bet it will be announcing it loud & proud.
- Certification, can you see any credentials on the packaging? FSC certified? if it contains fabric is it OETEX or GOTS certified?
- What is it made of? ideally, you want to look for natural materials which have had as little manufacturing as possible - Beech, Bamboo, Rubberwood or Birch are the woods we see most often
- Packaging, I can't be the only one who remains appaled at a giant box, often with a big plastic screen that holds a small doll and 4 accessories? it shows gross disrespect to the consumer and our environment.
This is by no means exhaustive but they're easy to spot and can be a great way to help figure out if a toy is being made sustainably and ethically.

a considered purchase

Why Choose Sustainable Gifts This Christmas?

More than ever we are trying to spend our money a little wiser, and that doesn't just mean buying less but buying smarter. Taking the time to think about what a child might actually need and how that toy can be used long after Christmas has passed is a surefire way to make sure that you've invested your money into a product that will be loved and played with time after time.

Just because you may be working on a budget, it absaloutle does not mean that you cannot buy something beautiful, well made and well designed. We've loved compiling our favourite sustainable stocking fillers and ethical gifts under £20 this Christmas.


Why Sustainable Toys Are Not Just For Christmas

When we choose toys and gifts that have been made with love and care, as opposed to mass-produced in a factory we do two things. We do a tiny bit to help combat the plastic waste and landfill crisis & we gift a toy that has been crafted, often over and over again until the maker believes it's perfect...and that makes it all the more special.

Our Favourite Sustainable Stocking Fillers

Rattle Eggs

These little wooden rattle eggs fit right in the palm of a hand for a comfortable grip
The eggs function as a musical instrument similar to maracas and will guarantee hours of fun and play

Each egg has a different sound.

Made in sustainable beech wood

Rainbow Stacker

Our wooden stacking rainbow are a wonderful open ended toy that can be played with in so many ways. The developmental benefits of our wooden rainbow stacker include problem solving, fine and gross motor development, social development as you discuss their creation and a development in confidence as they learn to take on bigger and more daring structures.

Wooden Figures

3 humanoid figures to cheer up any playtime! WOW! is inspired by abstract artistic movement and its distinctive chromatic combinations. Bring on the fun!

Grapat is made from wood that is sourced from sustainable forests. Products are made using water based non-toxic dyes and finishes that are made with vegetable waxes and oils.

Natural Rubber Bath Toy or Teether

A truly beautiful baby teether, shaped for easy grip for small hands and a perfect relief for sore gums. The swan has different surfaces for sensory play and has both soft and hard natural rubber to satisfy all stages of sore gums.

It is handcrafted in natural rubber and carefully hand-sculpted & handpainted with natural pigments, making it a perfect and pure companion for your little one.

Sparkle Wand

Let their imaginations run wild with our knitted sparkle wand. With a sturdy, natural wood handle, this lovely wand has a set of colourful ribbons coming from the padded star, adding some extra pizazz. Perfect for toddlers who love to play dress up whether its kings and queens or witches and wizards.

Our Favourite Ethical Gifts Under £20

Modelling Dough

If you have found yourself with a creative toddler who likes to prod, poke and handle new textures as well as creating their own interpretation of art then our modelling dough sets are perfect for you.

Our bumper pack features 24 bright colours, ideal for learning whilst playing as they can begin to discuss brighter and darker colours as well as talking about gradients. The dough is soft and easy to handle, the batch is dermatologically tested and is coloured with plant based dyes and is wheat based.

Stacking Cups

1,2,3 how high will the tower be?! The Little Dutch stacking cups challenge your toddler to stack them one on top of the other. How great the joy will be when the tower is completed! And how fun it is to knock the tower over again. Hours of fun are guaranteed. launched in a new subtle 'vintage' colourway, they are sure to entertain your little one.

Sensory Bottle - Bee

Look, shake … and listen! As simple and as effective as that. The small objects in the Petit Boum sound bottle series are a real sight for the little ones. Auditory stimulation, especially important in the first year of life of babies, is added to the visual identification of the pieces contained.

Rolling Sea Lion

The wooden Sea Lion and spinning ball is reminiscent of old time circuses and promenades. The rolling animals are made of sustainable wood, and they have been tested and meets the European safety standards

Modelling Dough Rollers

Find out who is hiding deep within the forest! These ingenious rollers will enhance understanding of our natural world and will inspire children to ask questions and tell stories. Simply press and roll into play dough or clay and stamp with the creatures to make wonderful woodland scenes. Count the rabbits in the burrow or hide the squirrel in the tree trunk, while developing fine motor control. Children can experiment using different amounts of pressure and rolling in different ways – away, towards and across their body midline.

tips for a sustainable Christmas

Buy What's Needed

When it comes to Christmas it's hard to not go overboard, on top of that we often have well-meaning family members buying toys which we might not feel are ideal for our children. My biggest tip for helping to have a sustainable Christmas is to discuss with family what it is your child might actually need, it's a great opportunity to have some family member club together for a larger item or direct them towards books and clothes that might seem 'boring' but might be really helpful to you.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog on the merits of buying sustainable gifts and toys this Christmas :)

If you have time, take a look around our site and see what we have to offer.


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