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Rainbow Fine Motor Skill & Play Board (FSC Certified)


Combining play and development skills is a wonderful aspect of a Montessori style up bringing and our Rainbow Board is a versatile toy that encourages creativity, play and also a number of key skills. 

Fine Motor Skills - the act of handling the tongs placing the felt balls in the grooves requires them to use their fingers and wrist in precise movements. This is a key skill to develop as they grow. 

Hand Eye Coordination - In order to place the balls in the grooves they will need to use their visual systems to process and then pass on the information to control their hand movements.

Colour Recognition - Not only are their lots of colours to identify and sort they can also be used to create patterns and shapes.

- Delivered plastic free.

- Includes Felt Balls and Pincer Tool.

- CE Tested.

- Crafted from FSC sourced wood.

Customer Reviews

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Laura Acland
Beautiful toy

Beautiful wooden rainbow. Nice quality and came with spare pom poms luckily as they quickly got thrown all over the place!